New season in Europe this week kicked off in an all-round way, the results in the premier league encounter the door black. The latest European integration, according to the premier league has become not only today's third league, even has to be beyond the edge of the serie a. Once this happens, then the premier league champions league places will be whittled down to pink football jerseys cheap three.

War of the champions league this week, as a result, cheap football jerseys the premier league semi-finals awful record, only Chelsea a victory, and loss of Manchester united, Arsenal and Manchester city this big. Game 4 lost three games, which hit a premier league since 2005, the worst record in the uefa champions league opener. To know from 2005 to 2011, the premier league team in the champions league football jerseys cheap review opener can never lose the ball. Since 2012, 2013, 2014, NianShu stadium for only 1, 1, 2, respectively.

Champions league cup, the premiership team record also satisfactory, hard to play west ham's early elimination of qualification. Today early morning, Liverpool has reaped a 1-1 draw, spurs made a 3-1 victory, a face for the premier league.

The premier league cheap china football jerseys team in Europe, also reflected in the premier league champions league table. According to the latest figures, Spain's European war of 86.427 points, held the first league. In the second place is the bundesliga, 68.177 points. The premier league is now 65.659 points, came in third. It should be pointed out that, however, was the fourth serie a now reached 61.605 points, the distance from the premier league has only just four points, the premier league has to be beyond the edge of the serie a.

According to the rules of integral, 11-12 season next season will be removed, the integral and the premier league that European integration is more than the serie a season of 3.893, which means that the season without considering the next European integration, under the condition of the premier league and serie a cheap football jerseys for kids is in the same horizontal line. The premier league and serie a this season can obtain how many European integration, will directly affect their champions league rankings. Once the premier league this season integral is serie a off too much, the premier cheap football jerseys custom league would become the fourth league, the champions league places will be reduced to three.

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